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This is the discovery phase where you have the opportunity to inform our medical team about your health, medical history, and lifestyle. Your physician will use this information to evaluate your symptoms and, if appropriate, prescribe medication for treatment. Getting started with your online visit for Hair Loss


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When did you first begin to lose hair?


Where do you notice hair loss?


Have you experienced any of the following?


Have you ever been formally treated for hair loss (including any medical procedures) or tried any medicines, vitamins, or supplements to treat it?

Understanding how or if you've attempted treatment for your hair loss in the past can be helpful to your doctor.


Please take photos of your hair from 3 different angles.

  • A picture of you facing forward
  • A picture of the top of your head
  • A picture of profile (side)
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Have you experienced any of the following conditions, events, or symptoms?


Please list all of your current medicines, vitamins, and dietary supplements. If you don't take any medications, please leave it blank and move to on the next question.

Include any medicines (e.g., lipitor, zyrtec, ibuprofen), herbs, vitamins, or dietary supplements that you have taken in the past 2 weeks, even if you are not taking them today.


Do you have any allergies?

Include any allergies to food, dyes, prescription or over-the-counter medicines (e.g., antibiotics, allergy medications), herbs, vitamins, supplements, or anything else.

Please list all allergies and describe your allergic reaction.


Do you have any medical conditions or a history of prior surgeries?

Please list your medical conditions and previous surgeries.


Please take a moment to understand the possible side effects of this medication.
Finasteride can have two very uncommon potential side effects:

How likely are side effects? there is controversy over the potential side effects, yet the possibility of persistent side effects exits-even after the medication is stopped.

In clinical trials 3.8% of patients taking finasteride versus 2.1% taking a placebo(a "sugar pill") experienced one of the sexual side effects. New studies have raised doubt over the linkage of finasteride to erectile dysfunction. What if i experience side effects?If side effects occur, no matter how mild or uncommon, it is important to report them and consider stopping the medication.



Please take a minute to review the potential side effects of this medication.

Each of these medications may contain the following side effects:

These may include anxiety or depression.

There is controversy over the sexual side effects of finasteride, which may include decreased semen volume, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction.

While there is a controversy, the possibility of persistent side effect exists, even after the medication is stopped.

Overall, Sexual side effects occur in about 4% of patients taking medication versus about 2% taking a placebo(a "sugar pill"). For over 50% of patients, the side effects go away even if medication is continued, and nearly go away if stopped.

If side effects occur, no matter how mild or uncommon, it is vital to report them as soon as possible and consider stopping the medication.


Are you currently suffering from anxiety or depression?

Are you currently seeing a doctor or therapist for your anxiety or depression?


Is there anything else you want your doctor to know about your health?


Now let’s talk about your treatment.

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Treatment Plan Details

The most efficacious treatment plan is finasteride 1 mg daily with topical minoxidil. Finasteride, taken daily, can help slow or stop hair loss, or regrow hair - combined with minoxidil, efficacy of treatment increases.

Your doctor will review your responses and, if appropriate, prescribe your medications. If prescribed, your doctor will also send you a detailed treatment plan with more information.


Men’s Hair Care Bundle


Select A Plan

Please select your preferred plan. Based on your previous answers our doctor’s recommendation is to use the Men’s Hair Care Bundle.


3 Month Supply
  • This plan is best for reducing hair loss and helping promote regrowth
  • 94% of Men treated with Finasteride & Minoxidil show signficant improvement after 1 Year of Treatment
  • Use 1 mg of finastride daily along with 1 mL of minoxidil twice daily
3 Month Supply
  • Effective at reducing hair loss at the hairline, crown, and vertex
  • Prescribed for receding hairlines and early stage hair loss
  • ⅔ of men with vertex/crown loss, and ⅓ of men with frontal recession will see regrowth
  • Take 1 mg tablet once daily
3 Month Supply
  • Effective at helping grow thicker hair at the crown and vertex
  • 59% of men see improvement after one year
  • Apply 1 mL topical solution to the scalp twice daily


Identity Verification

As Telemedicine is a heavily regulated healthcare tool, by law we are required to verify your identity with (1) a photo of your face and (2) a photo of your government-issued ID.


Share A Photo Of Yourself

Telemedicine laws require a physician to know who they are treating. Before continuing, make sure that...

  • Your face is well-lit and not blurry
  • You are the only person in the photo
  • Nothing is covering your face, including sunglasses


Share A Photo Of Your Government-Issued ID

Telemedicine laws require a physician to know who they are treating.

Before continuing, make sure that...

  • ID card is a valid driver's license or passport
  • Photo is clean and all edges are showing
  • Full name and DOB are visible
  • Your name matches to your ID above

Please ensure your first & last name match your ID


Congrats! You are almost done. Here is the Treatment Plan you have selected.

Selected Plan

Men’s Hair Care Bundle


1mg, 30 Tablets per month
3 month Supply


60ml, 5% Topical Solution per month
3 month Supply
$90 every 3 months
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